Help: Pools

Pools are groups of posts with a common theme. They are similar to favorites with three important differences: public pools allow anyone to add or remove from them, you can create multiple pools, and posts in a pool can be ordered. This makes pools ideal for subjective tags, or for posts that are part of a series (as is the case in cg sets).

If you're importing several posts into a pool, this process can become tedious. You can instead click on the Import link at the bottom of the pool's page. This allows you to execute a post search using any tag combination you would normally use. Remove any posts that are irrelevant to the pool, then finish the import process.

Pools can be private, public or personal. A private pool means you are the only person who can add or remove from it. In contrast, public pools can be updated by anyone, even anonymous users depending on current site restrictions, while personal pools are just that, personal. Only you have any access to view or make changes to it. This pool type is meant to be used as a favorite grouping system.

To remove a post from a pool, go to the pool's page and select the Delete Mode checkbox. Then click on the posts you want to delete.