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Official TOS Thread (updated 1/17/24)
By accessing the Realbooru website ("Site") you accept the following Terms of Service. From that point onwards, Realbooru will treat your use of the Site as acceptance of the Terms.

- The Site reserves the right to change these terms at any time.
- If you are a minor, then you will not use the Site.
- The Site is presented to you AS IS, without any warranty, express or implied. You will not hold the Site or its staff members liable for damages caused by the use of the site.
- The Site reserves the right to delete or modify your account, or any content you have posted to the site.
- You will upload content that is of high quality.
- You agree to not block, hide, assist others in, or circumvent the displaying of advertisements on the site. This is a free archive site, and you are not helping it remain so.
- You understand that there may be content on the Site that does not appeal to you or you feel is morally wrong.
- You accept that the Site is not liable for any content that you may stumble upon.
- You are using this site only for personal use.

- You will not use any automated process to retrieve or index any portion of the site or site contents, with the exception of public search engines.
The operators of the site are not entirely held to these terms.

Prohibited Content

In addition, you may not use the Site to upload any of the following:

Child Pornography:Any photograph or movie that depicts children in a sexual manner. This includes nudity, explicit sex, implied sex, or sexually persuasive position.

-Due to the nature of this site, this extends to any picture that even has a minor in the background and will be rejected/deleted on sight.

Grotesque imagery:"Shock" porn or any digitally manipulated images depicting Feces, Greivous injury, Violence, or Murder are also not allowed. ssbbw content falls under this rule.

Revenge Porn/Doxxing: Posting someone else's or Your own personal info like home/work/etc. address and phone number watermarked or otherwise in the post.

Bestiality: Any photograph or movie that depicts humans having sex (either explicit or implied) with animals of any kind.

Watermarked: Any image where a person who is not the original copyright owner has placed a watermark on the image.

Screen captures: Screen captures are not allowed unless given exception due to work in compiling said screen shot.

Poorly compressed: Any image where compression artifacts are easily visible.

Dick/Vagina/Ass/Breast/Feet pics: Any image where it is zoomed in on showing nothing but genitals/breasts. Feet pics count in this.

Creepshots:Any image taken without the subject's consent.

Hateful Content: Any comment or image that is discriminatory to someone's race/sex/religion/orientation will not be tolerated.

-This includes vomiting "Positive" Racist Spiel about BBC/BWC/Whatever in the comments. (See Below for more detail.)

Ai Generated This is a site for photos/videos of real life people. Ai Generated images are not photographs and thus are prohibited.

Low-quality Fakes:Any fake deemed low-effort can and will be deleted on sight.
10/30/21 12:36PM
Additional notes:
Please note that while posting selfies are allowed, remember that Realbooru is not your personal image host.
Choose what you want others to see before you post it and frequently posting pictures of yourself then immediately Asking staff to delete the post shortly afterward along with Reposting said image later may lead to a permanent ban.


This means DO NOT Upload "Personal Videos/Pics" That you'll want deleted later.
This has happened so frequently that I Cannot stress it enough.

Do not come here to post random pictures of your Penis, Vagina, Ass, or Feet as it goes against the TOS. These pictures will not only be deleted on sight, but may lead to a temporary lock on your uploading privileges.

Do not Roleplay in the comments section, keep it to PM's or external places, we don't need pages of people roleplaying covering up spam.

Saying "I like (BBC/BWC/whatever)" is fine.
Saying "(x) Race's Penis is superior and (y) Race should be castrated/cucked" Is way over the line and "Positive" Racism is still Racism.Don't be that kind of person.
If you keep doing it you will lose your use of the site.

Current staff-

07/12/22 11:44AM
Sourcing Guidelines
On May 20th, 2022, we created a new rule about sourcing posts. Any post uploaded after this date is required to have a link containing the post's origin (i.e. where you first found it) attached to them for identification purposes. If you do not have the source on hand, we would recommend against posting it.

Below are our standards and expectations for sourcing posts.

1. No linking the images/videos themselves



2. Links must be specific and properly detailed



3. Proper tagging

When you have added a proper source, please add the "sourced" tag to your post.

4. Self-posts must be marked/tagged

If a user is uploading their own content, they should be expected to tag them as such.
06/23/23 02:45PM
Videos up to 3 minutes in length are allowed, but any longer and they will not be approved.

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