12/30/19 05:31AM
Do you drink your own cum?
For the gays and bis of realbooru, how many of you drink your own cum and how much you love it? I'd like to hear your thoughts.

(Dms are welcome.)
12/30/19 02:10PM
I cum in my own mouth all the time! I can self suck so I regularly go down on my wiener ~ Before I cum I imagine drinking it all down but when I really do I loose my turn on and im stuck cumming in my mouth with no feeling for it.. :( Not sure why the appeal shuts off right when I start to orgasm. I swallow my pre which I love! But my cum tastes funny to me. Ive mixed it in water and drank some that way which turned me on! I want to try swallowing my whole ejaculate. Never swallowed a large spurt from my dick yet. Maybe i'll try cumming in a glass then drink it when I'm horny again! >.<

Ive pee'd in my mouth too <3
Recently started drinking some as I suck it! Not when it's bitter but mostly clear like water. Its hot AF!
01/10/20 04:45AM
Rarely but its good
I always thought that it was digusting until I fapped and went upside down to give myself a facial and got some on my face and mouth and that's when i realized it doesn't taste too but but maybe a bit salty. I rarely drink my own cum but i would still do it.

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