09/07/19 08:32PM
Anal how to
So, a few of you probably know already, either through my comments or my videos, that I'm really into anal masturbation with BIG dildos.
I own a medium Rex dog cock dildo and a large Chance flared Horsecock dildo made by bad dragon, a nice, biggish pink cock dildo and, my newest toy, a 30 cm synth flesh cock dildo.
All of them feel really nice and I can take the Rex completly up my bum, knot and everything.
But I'm craving for more. I want to feel the whole length of chance and of that 30 cm cock, and, maybe, one day, a real horsecock, at least a really big human cock.
But now the question: How? How can I take something that long? I've been trying and trying for years now (okay, not THAT regularly, but again and again nonetheless) but I don't seem to make any headway.
Anyone any pointers?
09/07/19 09:39PM
Well....I am not a especialist on this...but I believe that the best way would be lube up both your ass and the equipement you would use and try a litte bit...slowly trying to put more and more inside without hurting your ass.....I mean...Long time ago I tried to finger my ass as I masturbate....and as I was trying....I went from one to two fingers as I was trying to have more pleasure (without effect...of course for me)...but I believe this would be the best way....I hope I was useful
09/08/19 10:48AM
A bit. The problem isn't really the girth of the toys, though. I know what kind of girth I can take wizhout breaking my bones or tearing my anus.
It's about the length. How can some people take the whole 30 cm or a whole large chance, like Natalie Mars does? Where do they put that? How can I learn to do that, too?
09/08/19 11:10AM
Well....I have no ideia on that...sorry :(
09/09/19 03:34PM
It's allright :/
I still think someone, anyone probably has some pointers, but the forum is rather dead here on realbooru.
Sadly enough.
09/09/19 05:17PM is very rare to someone to say anything here
09/09/19 06:24PM
Well at least you've been answering me three times now xD
Thanks for that ^^
09/10/19 09:07AM
You are welcome....anytime you wana can talk with me^^
09/10/19 11:07AM
I think it's literally just training your body to slow take
09/10/19 02:20PM
Yeah, well, I've been training for quite some time now and there comes the point where someone has to help me, either with some pointers (someone with experience would help) or in rl.
01/21/20 10:21PM
Try a small\medium Chance flared so you could get used to it
01/27/20 11:30AM
I don't have to try a small chance, I own and use a large chance (flared) and other stuff (watch my vids if you want to know more ;D)
I also don't have problems to take a regular sized dildo, it's the big stuff I can't fit. But I want to D:

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