08/17/19 08:02PM
Old pics
Does anybody know where or have those old princessblarity pics that were uploaded on xbooru.
08/19/19 02:25PM
No clue, would have expected them to be uploaded here as well.
08/29/19 03:11PM
Yeah i want to see them but i dont know where to find them.
03/09/20 08:33AM
Have you tried a tag search?

Just in case you didn't know, The Monarchy will deleting all the real pics from Xbooru at the end of this month (3/31)

This time however they are not transloading any of them here to Realbooru, so y'all might consider going through your favorites and deciding which ones you want to keep. Or upload them yourselves to RB as I did.

03/24/20 02:34PM
Is there a way can delete my account on here? I'm kinda bored of it and don't want it anymore?
03/24/20 06:54PM
I believe she admitted to being a minor at the time, and all were purged, if memory serves me correctly.
03/25/20 09:13AM
Yeah she was underage afaik and I had to remove them.
04/01/20 02:08AM
Yeah, she was a minor, pretty messed up.

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