06/05/19 11:17PM
Taking WEBM requests
I figure some people might want to post a WEBM on this site, but don't know how, so I'm taking WEBM requests. I will make a HQ WEBM clip (not a full movie...a clip) with sound out of a video of your choice.

What I need from you is HQ video link (at least 480p and NOT BLURRY...good quality only) and timestamp with a description of what you want the WEBM to focus on.

You can provide up to 3 timestamps with descriptions per video. One request at a time...I will just straight up ignore anyone requesting more than one video.

Only straight or lesbian porn (other stuff does not interest me). No solo. Nothing self-made. Only professional or semi-professional shoots. Nothing gross.
08/22/19 12:33AM
I'm looking for a tagging software for windows 7.
Hi, do you know any software I can use for tagging my webms? I already know how to make them. I'm on windows 7, I was looking something similar to this site but without depending on the internet, I was using taggedfrog but it crashes every 100 webms, like being able to click a tag and search for my webms locally.

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