03/08/19 07:03PM
[RP] Orgy thread!
I haven't rp'd in a while, was kinda curious if this forum would wanna have a dedicated thread for meeting others who'd wanna do sexual rp's in public or pm's.

i'm down to get fucked, if anyone wants to join lol

*i sit down on a surprisingly comfy leather couch, not wearing anything, my wet and ready pussy dripping on the cushions*
03/08/19 09:49PM
I like your ideia, doing rp both here or im pm's

And I am going to love to join you

*I sit on a couch next to you, naked too, admiring your body while I have a full hard-on*

03/11/19 08:43PM
I doubt this forum have enough traffic to keep an orgy going but a bigger sin would be to not give it a shot

*reaching the couch from behind my hands rest on the shoulders of the beauty who just came into the room glancing over her body before allowing them to slide down her chest*

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