01/09/19 06:45PM
Regarding the site's color scheme
I like the dark theme of the colors. However, I despise the current message colors. The worst part about it for me is the light green border on the top and bottom of a PM. I don't know if it's a holdover from the rule34 site, but that light green color really makes it difficult to read the light gray text within it.

Of course it's not a big issue, but it's still an issue. Is there any chance of changing the green to something else, or at least the color of the text to something more legible? I know at least the text color can be changed, since it's different than on the rule34 site.

Edit: This is a more minor issue since I'm sure nobody uses the Outbox anyway, but the light blue border in Outbox messages is even worse. I literally can't read the titles of messages in the outbox because the gray shade of the text is so close to the blue.
01/09/19 08:13PM
I completely agree with this, not to mentionthe boldened forum threads (when they have a new reply) are really tough to see aswell, any chance to make them a different color aswell?

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