09/10/18 03:24AM
Sex stories and hottest moments
Hey everyone. I'd like to know what your best sex story or hottest moments during sex are. I'll share mine, and in my case I don't have a full story just a few hot moments here and there:

All of these moments where shared between me and a girl I dated in high school

1. First time we had sex: Both of us were already wanting to fuck each other badly. In our case though, it was very difficult to find the time or place, until my parents left for vacation and I told her parents I was taking her to the town's homecoming game. Taking her back to my house, we both knew what was about to happen and both were excited. The hottest moment here comes from the fact that we rushed into my room and I turned and closed the door then turn around to see that she's already topless and working on getting her pants off.

2. Her and I were pretty sexually active after our first time, so what do you think happened after Prom was over? Probably my favorite moment ever. I bring her back to my room and she turns around so I help her with the zipper on the back of her dress. I zip it down far enough where she can reach, then she turns around and pushes me down on the bed and starts doing this striptease thing. Ending in her bending over so her ass in my face as her dress and panties get pulled down revealing her thick ass.

3. For my final moment here, I'm going to the first Valentine's Day we spent together. Neither of us really cared about it but we'd figure we would at least spend the day together. So her and I watch movies, play games, etc. Well, at one point we're sitting on my couch and she randomly mounts me and I'm not complaining but it took me by surprise for a moment and she lifts up her skirt and shows that she's never had panties on this whole time so that got me very excited and we had quite a good Valentine's Day after that.

So there's just a few of my moments. I'd be interested to know what you all have experienced.
09/28/18 07:06AM
i remember i had a thing for this nerdy guy and he wasnt into me were just friends and i would make up sexual fantasy stories.different scenarios of each story of just straight up hot vanilla fucking and creampies.

Too bad i deleted them stories :P

and oooh he would be a fucking TEASE man! he'd say "I should call your pussy kinky's little black box"
"if i wasnt so prude id be all over those breasts of yours"
I get double untundras from him to this day and my goodness hed get my pussy throbbing.
09/30/18 01:53PM
Unfortunate that you don't have any of those fantasies saved...I'd like to read some of them ;) Also it's too bad that I don't know you personally. I'd have you cumming in your panties just from text messages

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