08/26/18 09:51PM
People who had sex with a prostitute, how was it like?
Now that is a question I feel compelled to answer.

It's a mixed bag. Some girls are great, very experienced and competent in everything related to fucking. A girl I'm visiting regularly is an absolute champion of blow jobs. I don't know what she does, but it feels like you put your dick in a piece of heaven. I've never experienced something similar, neither in the professional nor private sector.

On the other hand, some girls are really shitty. They don't keep their promises of service, or are not hygienic at all. Just two weeks ago I visited a new provider nearby; very pretty girl, rail thin with a nice butt, but that's where the good things ended. She was a master of the "dead fish" technique, in bed as well as in smell. It was one of maybe two dates in my life where I ended the visit prematurely. At least she was fair enough to give me a partial refund.

That being said, in dealing with prostitutes, you have to look for signs of forced prostitution:

Does the money go to the girl?

Is she making holidays at home? (Many girls ralk about this stuff, it's not that difficult to find out)

Or the really obvious signs: barred windows, some guy in a side room, etc.

Also, don't be a dickwolf. Prostitutes sre people, too.
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