08/23/18 02:44PM
Expanded ToS

Some extra elaboration on the terms of service to ensure the site maintains the right balance of porn and good quality standards.

This site is a general site for real pornography, it is not focused on fetishes, nor focused on amateur porn (though it is allowed), please keep uploads reasonable and not too many of one kind at once where possible.

1. Treat others with respect while on this site , any form of harassment, racism, bullying etc will not be tolerated.

2. Don't post poor quality images they will be removed and you could get a warning.

This can be for pics that are: blurry, pixalated, heavily artifacted, poor lighting, zoomed in on genitalia etc. If it's too closely zoomed in on a dick or a pussy expect it to be removed.

Amateur videos must contain the entire body and not just part of the body, this is because we've been getting far too many half body videos which again are easy to make and not of quality.

Images which show only genitalia or feature only one body part are removed because these images are super easy to make, mass produced and would flood the site and make up the majority of content if we allowed it, we therefore cannot allow these types of images, including dick shots, pussy shots, anus shots, close breast shots and the like, these are easy to make with little effort and therefore considered poor quality.

3.Non porn images Images of tight outer clothing is not considered porn unless it is seethrough or lingerie etc, nor is zoomed in shots of underwear, upskirt etc.

This includes fetish images zoomed in on one body part, such as butts, legs, feet, or genitalia, this content will be removed and uploaders of this content warned and banned if they persist because this content is niche and highly spammable.

3.Prohibited content that needs re-stating

No kids of any kind.
No animals of any kind.
No hardcore BDSM with blood etc.
No gross porn like scat (defecation or heavy urination (eg. squirting is allowed), no solo scat or urination.
No porn that is clearly unappealing to the general usership.
No dick pics, pussy shots, images which don't show much of the body but genitalia.
No Jailbait or any young looking women even if clothed, if they look under 18 expect them to be removed, also borderline cases may well be removed just incase, be aware and avoid posting young-looking women.

4. Avoid mass uploading

There needs to be a balance of uploads on this site, with everyone given a chance to have their content shown on the first few pages, therefore uploading many pages of content should be avoided, keep it reasonable please, if you have allot to upload, do it in stages please.

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