06/13/18 07:27PM
Looking for a pic
Well heres my problem. I've been looking for a image for some time now. Been looking on it on xbooru because the uploader posted plenty of good images but I took note of one in particular to come back to them later. Posted alot of female pics that were great, but the image I noted down was a male one because it not only stood out but would be easy to recognize. Problem is now I am searching for it now. Because it is of a real person, it probably got posted here or will be posted here. So maybe if I find it here I can backtrack it to find the author on xbooru and such.



The image details is the person in the image is colored like one or the other. Is looking behind them with their head turned the other way. And pretty sure its a guy in the image.

Looking Below, Looking behind, male_only, tried all the tags I know could fit it but I guess it wasn't probably tagged.

Any help is appreciated.

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