03/25/18 10:06AM
What kind of fantasies do you have?
I have one where my mom watches me have sex with some of her friends

Another where I'm getting gangbanged by 5-10 guys with fat dicks, while wearing a mini skirt or fishnets
05/02/18 07:51AM
The first one is actually fucked up, like no joke. Its never good to have a bad relationship with your parents, whether the rift was caused by some sort of abuse or domestic violence or even just dislike. I work closely with a person majoring in Psychology, he's actually my roommate at my university, if need be if we can set up something and solve this problem. And if you think more professional help is needed, actually call someone. Some of these tiny personal grudges are something deeper that can actually be a serious problem. Its always good to come out about how you feel, regardless of the content, because if you keep it bottled up, it can actually eat you from the inside.

Some thoughts while writing this comment:

-Either s/he is a child, or his/her mom has some hot ass friends
If you are 18, then your mom should between 36-58. Legal age to have children is 18 and oldest to give birth to a healthy child is 40. This means your moms friends will be much older than you.

-Its either a girl or a homosexual boy, nothing wrong with either
The gangbanging part suggest both, but then the username SissyBoi suggests homosexual boy. This is because sissy is a term to describe a boy who is much like a girl. Boi is used to describe, well a boy.

-It could also be a man trying to see the reactions of people
Fucking cunt

-There is a rift between the mother and child
Your clearly don't really have enough respect for your mother to spare her the pain of watching her friends fuck her child.

-If this is a homosexual boy, the rift could be caused by homophobic parents
Lots of disagreements on homosexuality come from homophobic parents or religion. Many religions are explicitly against the practice of homosexuality. However, many like me, do not believe this practice is wrong. Love is love and it extends throughout gender.

-I could be overthinking this completely
It could just be a common occurrence where you live, I have no backround information to go off of. So everything could be wrong, or it could be right, I have no fucking idea.

To just put a really quick recap: There is nothing wrong with being homosexual, having sexual attraction to older people, or being sexually curious at a young age. This is all normal, whether it be a phase or just who you are. However, what is wrong is bottling up your feelings. Sometimes you just need someone to talk to. I personally know what bottling up everything can do, it ruined my entire childhood. Its not a good thing, for anyone, regardless of creed, age, race, or religion.

And if you do need someone to talk to, there are many options.

-Me, although you don't know me, sometimes its best talking to someone you don't know
-A psychologist
-Write it down in a diary, sometimes this can help ease any tension
-Tell your friends
-Tell a counselor
-If you can resolve it peacefully without hurting anyone, I suggest talking to your parents, even if they aren't the problem, it can help.

If I did over think things, don't be afraid to call me a cunt and ignore this entire message.
05/09/18 06:31AM

This was more of a set of RP rules than a simple description of your fantasies.

If you wish to request RP then do it here:

-Moderator Lemons22
10/30/18 07:11PM
All Types Baby.All Types ;)
11/01/18 07:59AM
kinky_pie said:
All Types Baby.All Types ;)

I got a Fantasie with Kinky Pie ;)
12/06/18 03:26PM
my fantasy is to have a 3 way with my wife and her sister...I'm too chicken to ask though lol
07/01/19 10:10AM
I want to be put in my place, owned and fucked like a piece of meat for men to please themselves with~
07/10/19 11:04AM
To be taken advantage of and came in by a well hung BBC.
07/15/19 08:09AM
One of my oldest fantasies that I've had since puberty hit me; is to travel all around the world and experience all the different type of women out there. Fuck all different ethnicities and sizes.

Another is to have hot male on male sex in front of my girlfriend.

Thirdly I'd love to have two or three women/tg-girls "fight" over my cock and tease me so I would cum from a single touch.

Lastly, my biggest dream is that my girlfriend would swallow. She's so good at sucking my cock, but she's "scared" by the amount of cum I produce.
07/30/19 03:45PM
lol Scammy is a cunt who overthinks things wayyyy to much
08/08/19 08:52PM
Waking up surrounded by girls who fight for my cock.
08/14/19 11:12AM
i want to be forcefully exposed naked in front of strangers
09/21/19 02:40PM
My fantasy is to have a guy who's just drenched in sweat ride my face, forcing me to inhale the hot musky scent of his sweaty ass while i simultaneously lick his asshole.
09/29/19 04:35AM
Getting raped and impregnated. Al though Id never want it in real life. Its a big turn on for me as a fetish =p
10/16/19 01:23AM
The better question is what ISN'T a fantasy. I have so many kinks, I'd almost do everything, but I have limits.

In chats I don't really have a limit I guess. Except necrophilia, pedophilia and stuff like that.
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