09/04/23 11:31PM
Something that happend to you that you don't wanna forget!
Let's "Trade" some of our lewd stories!!
09/04/23 11:38PM
Story : Stranger Danger
Before around 2-3 years i always texted with older guys on a few webside because i am always horny and kinda wanna know what they would like to do with me (Lewd) until i talked with one guy who lived in the same City like me and wanted to meet me for a talk without thinking of it i said yes and meet him at 10pm in the area just to go inside his car while we drove away near an abandoned parking spot a few minutes away where he told me I should take of my clothes and maybe go to the back and relax a bit, i did as he said while he joined me a minute later just for him to force a kiss with me and jerking me of while i blushed and shivert right away, after a few minutes of him jerking me of he started to play with my asshole with his other hand i couldn't even hold my moaning back while he smiled at me the entire time , already after a few minutes I suddenly came and like that i had my first time with a guy and even a older one while i had a relationship...if you wanna know more becuase i left some things out , pm me <3
09/12/23 10:22AM
Story: The First Cock
[Warning: Mild Incest]

So, when I was young, I won't say how old, I was hanging out with a cousin of mine. We are loosely related, our moms are half-sisters, but I always thought he was cool cause he was a bit older than me and liked video games like I did. One time when I was hanging out with him, alone together at his house, we somehow got talking about how much did we know about sex.

Somehow, this led to him wanting to prove he could win at Mario Party on the Wii with an erection, and even use his dick as part of the games (like putting the wii remote next to his dick and jerking off with it for games that involved jerking the remote) and this led to a bet where if he won playing like that, I would suck his dick.

He won, partly cause I was distracted by how big his dick was, and I ended up giving him more of a handjob than a real blowjob, since by the time I felt ready to put it in my mouth he was already edging. That was the day I realized I was bisexual and started fantasizing about dicks. He also paid me $20 for it, so that was good too.

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