08/04/23 07:07PM
Femboy Pose
I think of uploadikg new pics of me here...any special pose i should get becuase i don't know any funny or sexy ones!
08/04/23 07:52PM
I got some ideas
One where you're squatting, like the Broly Culo meme or smtn
An attempt at the Jacko Pose (you know, the one where it looks like someones back is gonna break at any moment)
and of course, taking a picture of this booru and using the pose as reference
08/05/23 04:31AM
Squatting, facing away from the cam, ass sticking out towards the cam, your head turned right or left to look back at the cam, making a blowjob face with one hand making a blowjob gesture in front of your mouth, a peace sign with the other hand

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