01/27/23 03:59AM
A relationship with a femboy, sissy, trans
I would really like to know how it feels to be in a relationship with any of the topics, even though it might be your bestfriend, neighbours son, someone you meet on the street or anywhere else, roommate or even sibling.

If someone can give me someone advise on how attract any or be in a relationship with a femboy, sissy or trans.

You all can also write what you love about femboys, sissies and transgenders.
01/27/23 10:29PM
That's easy
You gotta have a good personality, and you gotta be a good guy to them and let them know about you as much as you want to know them. I've done that with many people I had crushes on and that worked out well enough for me to be friends with them, and of course, DON'T get mad about a friendzone, it's normal and friends are always good to have
01/31/23 05:09AM
In social life, one of my tenets is to acknowledge you are not talking to a man, woman, whatever is in between.

First and foremost, you are talking to a person.
That person has strengths and weaknesses, like every person.

You must meet them on certain bars, if you're young and attend school/Uni, open your eyes. Also, avoid online bro, you never know who's on the other side. Dates always on very public places and arrive home before the sun sets.

Had a transg (he to her) who had a crush on me, i simply wasn't into her but i noticed she was a fresh trans way later. Treated her like a person, simple.
02/05/23 07:22AM
Well thanks for the advice, I will try my best to be with any person I can, comfront them, feel confident and who knows, I might end up in a relationship.
02/27/23 08:35PM
>or even sibling

the fucking what?
07/08/23 02:46PM
Femboy (Me)
For me i am only in Relationships with Girls/Woman i am only getting fucked from a few guys once in a while i judt can't be in a relationship with a guy i don't know why!

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