03/25/22 05:03PM
Looking for/Starting RP
Please sticky this to make it easier to find what people are wanting to take part in.

Admin note: Please keep all RP in PM's or external chat apps, not in the forum or comments.
03/26/22 04:41AM
Kik: moisaya | Discord: Sin#1058
I'm looking for all sorts of roleplay, with any gender. I'm versatile both in character gender, as well as position, so coming up with something both sides enjoy shouldn't be a probolem.

I'm anything but vanilla, please keep that in mind. Some kinks of mine are anal, roughness, dub-con/non-con (rape), interracial, bestiality, NTR, pregnancy, feet, toilet stuff (to an extent!), and many, many more.

Limits are fairly clear, things like snuff, vore, vomit, and furries don't belong in a RP, in my opinion. Might decline other kinks once they're mentioned, please respect that.

I prefer coming up with original stuff, but I'm fine with fandoms as well.
03/26/22 12:55PM
Slutty Elf
Hello there. Just a slutty elf looking for human cock.
Let me know if you want some elf pussy~ Kinks and limits can be discussed in the DMs.
03/28/22 01:10PM
Looking for Rps
Im looking to rp! With men or women. Feel free to pm me so we can talk about it
03/29/22 04:40PM
Femboy/Sissy RP
Need some sissies to fuck. Any femboys or twinks that wanna RP, let me know~
04/08/22 02:46AM
Hiya~♡ looking for rp's!

So I'm looking to rp! I'm looking to play as pretty much anything from my favorites! And I'm limitless so go wild!

04/08/22 03:45PM
Pervy and Taboo Caption Swap
I'm looking for a partner for captions. Here's how it works:
You find something in my Favorites you like and send the link to me, plus any inspiration you want. I respond with a caption. We can take turns if you are so inclined.
Here are my Favorites, can't wait to hear from you!

04/09/22 02:41AM
Hiya~♡ looking for rp's!
I really just want to get into a rp! I can play as anything, male female femboy femdom anthro futa anything! I'm completely limitless too so we can do whatever you desire!~
04/09/22 06:58AM
Roast or compliment me
Please look at my posts. There is a dickpic from me. Please roast and/or compliment me
04/10/22 06:23AM
Been looking for someone to do a fxf rp with a sexual rivalry plot between two or multiple ladies, could be from any fandoms we agree on or even crossovers!
04/10/22 04:15PM
Bi male looking for rp
Hey there! Im 22 and im looking for some amazing rps! You can be female, male, trans etc i dont mind!
Feel free to pm me if you want my kinks!
04/10/22 06:17PM
Lookin' to RP
Hey all!

I'm lookin' to RP with femboys/traps.Anyone up for it?DM me.
04/13/22 12:04AM
James Charles RP
Hi there~ Looking to do an RP where I play James Charles, and someone plays a hunk that fucks him. Let me know if you want to fuck this desperate twink~
04/13/22 10:31PM
Milf looking for rps
Im a 38yo widow mom. Im looking to have some hot and amazing rps with anyone! Male or female!
Feel free to send refs for my character! I can play any age, race you want!
04/14/22 09:32AM
I’m looking for someone to help me drain my nutsack, I have Discord as well.
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