02/27/18 03:41PM
Personal ads, hookup requests, etc.
This is supposed to be a thread for the above started until the mods make a permanent one.

Admin: This will do just fine.

Nothing against the terms of service, no underage, ageplay, loli/shota role play, no real animal RP etc.
02/27/18 03:41PM
In Charge
Looking for long term semi-real roleplays with females and hot/cute traps/crossdressers. Pm me for details.
02/28/18 09:53AM
Looking for people to have fun with on this booru ;) Males And females welcome.
03/01/18 03:23AM
Looking for some fun and some nice amount of sex. Stuff like that. female.. femboy, I dont know but hit me up if you're interested
03/01/18 09:46AM
Bi and kinky guy looking for some RP.
03/03/18 02:01AM
Trap/Transgirl online open to chatting, and seeing where things develop from there. Open to all <3
03/03/18 09:41AM
Hello, simply put, I'm looking for people to chat with, maybe it develops into something else?
03/04/18 08:07AM
is there any bbc using this site? ;) I am looking for one
03/04/18 05:19PM
Hello, I'm male, bi and looking for traps/femboy, transgirls (that I love so much), maybe some bbc too and if I have some lucky, milfs and busty womans. I prefer make friends (maybe develops into something else) and talk about sex than RP, I have a LOT of fetishes/kinks, so if you are also like this come to me ;)

Ask me anything, please ^^
03/06/18 07:04AM
I am a chubby submissive guy that just wants to show off. ~

If you are interested, I have some pics posted here. Open to rp or talking to people who like my "assets."
03/10/18 03:35AM
Hello ^^ I'm a guy looking for some girls intrested in doing a femdom rp. Just use me as you wish I'm at your mercy <3
Pm me if intrested!
03/10/18 08:59AM
I am looking for bbc ;)
03/12/18 01:11PM
im looking for a slut or bull to have fun with while i pump my cock as much as i can.
im 19cm long and clean shaven but i love it when im being cucked and the feeling like my dick is going to explode.
i prefer chicks but a hung guy is ok too i guess.
i share pics.
03/12/18 01:34PM
Hi Bi German Guy here lookin for some fun
I'm 21 btw :P
03/12/18 01:51PM
Male, looking for people to chat/jack off/ sext with, you know just here to have fun. Males,females welcome.

Edit: NOT looking for bears or doms, or females interested in the aforementioned. And, absolutely NO roleplay.
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